'The highlight of Isobel's school week for the past 4 years at Rydes Hill School has been her Speech and drama lessons with Tina Quinn. Long may it continue - you have been an inspiration!'



I am a Speech and Drama specialist with over twenty years' experience working in both schools and colleges. I run a thriving Drama Club and teach at Rydes Hill School in Guildford, Surrey. I enter students to various Examination Boards, including LAMDA and Victoria College Examinations.

I offer individual lessons in all areas of the theatre, public speaking and communication skills.

Victoria College Examinations

"What makes success tangible and relatable to performers? This question has not only been considered and acted upon, but redefined and nurtured by Tina Quinn at Rydes Hill Schooll. My role as VCM examiner has afforded me many years of sheer entertainment and high standards as Tina's pupils performed their masterly-taught craft. They have not only embraced the Speech and Drama syllabus and created unique performances, but expertly performed a wide-range of themes and situations in such a poignant way. Being part of the VCM’s vision has enabled me to encourage and dedicate my passion for communication and individuality through being able to witness performances as well-executed as that of Tina's pupils."

Mel Ashton BA Hons ALAM Act FVCM Drama Ed Hons FVCM Drama Prod Hons Member Equity.

Written by G. Wieland 2018

Victoria College Examinations

Please feel free to browse this site to find out more about what I do and CONTACT ME if you have any further questions.

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